Simple Desktop Studio

Image of the AT-AT Walker above was taken using my iPhone 6S Plus with a simple desktop studio setup – a combination of A3 paper + 3D printed Photographic Sweep Stand set. The Photographic Sweep Stand was downloaded from Thingiverse website, design by H.Paul and you can download it here.

ATAT Walker -Sweep Stand Zoom Out
Actual setup – a thumbnail size AT-AT Walker on my workbench.

Here is another result – a Vowlkswagen beetle…

Volkswagen -Sweep Stand
Photo taken using iPhone 6S Plus
Volkswagen -Sweep Stand Zoom Out
Actual setup on my workbench.

iPhone 6S Plus Dock

I always have this problem of forgetting where I put my mobile phone. So I need a docking station for my iPhone. I can just buy it online or from nearest mobile phone accessories outlet. But this time, I want to have some fun project and I call it ‘My Apple Fun Project’ – design the docking station myself from sketching to 3D CAD modeling (using my Solidworks 2016 software) and then ‘3D Print’ it. This Apple Docking for iPhone is available at Shapeways.


Idea Sketch & Study Sketch – (Sketchbook Pro + Wacom Intuos Pro)
3D CAD Modeling (Solidworks 2016)
Rendered Image (Photoview 360)
3D Printed ‘Apple’ Docking Station – Red & White PLA (FDM Printer – OdysseyX)
3D Printed ‘Apple’ Docking Station – Black (Flex) & White PLA (FDM Printer – OdysseyX)
Actual Image – iPhone 6S Plus docking
Actual Image – iPhone 6 with case docking

Below is the animation video I made for this project